How to Store Your Delta 8 Products for the Best Results

The high-concentration extracts, specifically vape cartridges and distillates can sit without consequence for up to a year as long they are cool and dark. These products degrade VERY SLOWLY so you will still have quality products even after sitting on your shelf!

Where you need to worry is the D8 THC flower buds & edibles.

Cookies and brownies typically begin to degrade after just a few days, so it's important that you keep them away from moisture. The presence of fat in the baked goods attracts bacteria which accelerates their decay even faster! 

It's no surprise that we're still learning new things about Delta-8. It truly is a hidden gem, and it just keeps on getting interesting! 

We never get bored of how revolutionary this product is. In fact, our excitement level has increased exponentially as more research gets done into its benefits for those suffering from insomnia or other disorders and pains. 

And now with proper storage techniques, you can enjoy your stash long after the date expires stamped onto each package by distributors

4 Major Tips to Store Delta-8 THC The Right Way

1. Avoid Direct Light 

The best way to store delta 8 THC is in a cool and dark place. Avoid direct sunlight or artificial light to keep it fresh for best quality highs even after days or weeks!

The chemical structure of this compound makes it highly reactive, so don't forget about keeping them away from too much heat will cause degradation.

2. Airtight Container Is Your Weed's Bestie

Delta 8 THC should be stored in an airtight container to keep it as potent and safe for use.

A closed system helps preserve cannabinoids so that you can enjoy them at their best!

3. Avoid Humidity & Moisture

Delta 8 THC products should be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid evaporation. Humidity and moisture can cause the product's effectiveness to decrease over time so it is best if you store your Delta-8s away from these elements as much as possible!

4. Seal It 

The best way to store delta 8 THC products is by sealing them. The bacteria that grow on your product will take care of any additional moisture and help you keep the potency for months!


It’s important to store your Delta 8 products the right way so they stay potent for months. If you put them in a hot place or forget about it, then all of that hard work will be pointless and your product won’t last as long as possible. So do yourself a favor and follow these easy steps to enjoy a potent and fresh high.

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