Treetop Hemp Co. Delta 8 Disposable 800mg

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Treetop Hemp Co. Delta 8 Disposable 800mg

Treetop Hemp Co.'s Delta 8 Disposables have a high quality, high-quality HTML8 distillate . This is a significant difference from other disposable vape products. This means you won't face the same issues as other disposable delta-8 devices on the market. These compact, easily-to-carry devices can be carried around in your pocket.

They can be discreetly carried around in your pocket or purse. This disposable has a sealed juice reservoir that prevents any leaking.

Treetop Hemp Flavors:

Banana Runtz [HYBRID] - Runtz is a rare hybrid strain that was bred from Zkittles and Gelato. It has a high reputation in the cannabis community. This strain is well-balanced and produces long-lasting euphoric, uplifting effects. This strain is also very fruity in taste and aroma, reminding me of sugary candy.

Blue Dream [HYBRID] BD is one of the staple strain flavors in the hemp/marijuana Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a sweet taste. Blueberry Indica is crossed with Sativa Haze to produce a strain that's known for its full-body relaxation and mild uplifting effects. It is a great option for day time use if you are looking for something with a mellow feel.

Cherry Pie [HYBRID]  A well-balanced hybrid that was bred from Granddaddy Purple crossing with F1 Durb. This strain has been known to produce equal cerebral and body effects, leaving users feeling both relaxed and euphoric. This strain is well-known for its strong aroma and taste of sweet and tart cherry pie.

Gelato [HYBRID] gelato is a very well-known hybrid that has been bred from Sunset Sherbet Girl Scout Cookies and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie. Gelato is known for its mental uplifting effects, as well as a profound relaxation effect on the whole body. It will make you feel like you are sinking into your couch.

Orange cookies [HYBRID]Orange Cookies are a well-balanced cross of Orange Juice and the elite Girl Scout Cookie. This strain is known to have euphoric, relaxing effects that leave users feeling happy and lifted. It has a strong, sweet citrus scent and tastes similar to fresh tangerine.

Purple Punch [INDICA]: An Indica-dominant blend of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. The terpens inside this strain offer sweet grape and blueberry flavor mixed with vanilla and cinnamon overtones.

Product Features:

  • 800mg of Delta-8 THC
  • 1 Disposable Vape Pen Pre-Charged and Pre-Filled
  • Third party Lab Tested 
  • Less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

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